Reset Aberdeen - Our Story

The Past

In September 2012, a group of strangers met up at another strangers house. Their goal: find other people to play Street Fighter 4 in an offline setting, free from online lag. They wanted to play like they used to in the old arcades.

That day in September was the first official meeting of Reset Aberdeen. The very next week, we started weekly meetups every sunday at The Old School House on Little Belmont Street. In our lovely new home we ran casual sessions for a variety of fighting games as well as regular tournament brackets. Be that 2D fighters or 3D fighters, you would find someone that would play with you.The Old School House remained our home for 5 years.

In early 2017, the idea of Engage Gaming was born. The team leaders of Reset Aberdeen were approached with the idea of building a dedicated home for gamers of all sorts. Competitive or casual. Modern or Retro. Video Games or Board Games. We felt that players of all kind around Aberdeen needed a hub where they could share their interests. After months of planning, we opened to the public in July 2017.
 Since Engage was created, our dream of creating a hub for gamers of all kinds had become a reality as we've become a home for Esports tournaments, casual gamers, board games, table top RPGs, trading card games, and of course the new home of Reset Aberdeen.

The Present

In mid 2019, Engage Gaming went through an ownership change over. It was now entirely in the hands of the people that worked there day in and day out. We started looking for a new place to call home and a new place for us to start fresh. Eventually, we settled on our current location at 12 John Street.

To add to this we also thought that we needed a new identiy going forward. To this end, we decided "Why not go with the name that started this all? The name that brought us together?" As a result, Reset Aberdeen in its current form was born! After many years and many homes, we are proud to present to you our new home, as well as yours!

The Future


What can you do at Reset Aberdeen?

We have a number of things on offer here! Firstly, and most importantly, we have the games!


  • 4 Playstation 4 Consoles with a number of games installed and ready to be played. 

  • 12 PCs running GTX 1060 6GB GPUs, Intel i5 7500 Processors, and 16 GB of RAM. They have mixture of free to play games that anybody can play and pre installed games for you to play if you own them on your own stream, battle.net, origin, etc accounts.

  • An HTC Vive for anybody that wants to try out VR!

  • Dungeons and Dragons - We're home to many regular D&D groups. If you're interested in hosting your group with us then head on over to GCDnD on Facebook to see if there are any slots.

  • Fighting Game Casuals - We will never forget our roots. Every Thursday and Sunday from 6pm we still meet and play the latest fighting games. With monthly tournament brackets to boot!

  • Magic: the Gathering – Every Friday from 6pm players meet to play in a standard format MTG Tournament. Players also try to organise weekly drafts on a Monday. Check out MTG: Aberdeen on Facebook for more info!

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wednesday Evenings we are visited by the local group of Yu-Gi-Oh! players. Come and try out your new deck against other passionate players!

  • Poker Nights – Tuesday and Saturday Evenings. Cards are Dealt at 7pm.

Once you're finished with your gaming session (or even during), hit up our Cafe/Bar to top up your HP and Stamina!

We also host birthday parties, and will gladly host any ideas you have for your own gaming tournaments or events. You just need to get in contact with us!



Who are Reset Aberdeen?

You're going to be coming by quite often so we may as well introduce ourselves!

Gamertag: TWS Gibbo
Currently Playing: Street Fighter V, Final Fantasy 14, Granblue Fantasy: Versus
Strength: Can shout good when running a tournament
Weakness: Crumbles like a wet digestive in important tournament matches

Gamertag: RuffyD
Currently Playing: Pokemon TCGO
Strength: Always has a story about the old arcade days
Weakness: Always has a story about the old arcade days

Gamertag: Cozen
Currently Playing: League of Legends, World of Warcraft
Strength: Can dish out mad heals
Weakness: Will probably feed the enemy ADC

Gamertag: Shauna
Currently Playing: League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Minecraft
Strength: Can last hit like a pro and is reliable in a team fight
Weakness: That's actually all he can do.

Gamertag: BlackDogShadow
Currently Playing: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Borderlands 3
Strength: Fantastic at aiming with an AWP
Weakness: Has already been killed by the time he's lined up the headshot.