Engage Gaming was born in early 2017 when a group of Gamers got together and decided they wanted somewhere to meet and play together. Competitive or casual, the Gamers of Aberdeen needed a hub where they could share their interests. After months of planning, we opened to the public in July 2017.

Since then, our dream of creating a hub for gamers of all kinds has become a reality as we've become a home for Esports tournaments, casual gamers, board games, table top RPGs, and trading card games.


What can you do at Engage Gaming?

We have a number of things on offer here at Engage. Firstly, and most importantly, we have the games!

- 4 Playstations with a number of games installed and ready to be played.

- 2 Racing Cockpits for your to compete with your friends for the fastest time

- 20 High Spec PCs with mixture of free to play games that anybody can play and pre installed games for you to play if you own them on your own stream, battle.net, origin, etc accounts.

- An HTC Vive for anybody that wants to try out VR!

- A selection of retro consoles with an ever expanding library of games

The list of our available games as well as details on our PCs can be found here 

Once you're finished with your gaming session (or even during), hit up our Cafe/Bar to top up your HP and Stamina!

We also host birthday parties, corporate parties, school holiday camps, and will gladly host any ideas you have for your own gaming tournaments or events. You just need to get in contact with us!

Who are Engage Gaming?

You're going to be coming by quite often so we may as well introduce ourselves!

Gamertag: TWS Gibbo
Currently Playing: Street Fighter V, Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft Classic
Strength: Can shout good when running a tournament
Weakness: Crumbles like a wet digestive in important tournament matches

Gamertag: RuffyD
Currently Playing: Pokemon TCGO
Strength: Always has a story about the old arcade days
Weakness: Always has a story about the old arcade days

Gamertag: Cozen
Currently Playing: League of Legends, World of Warcraft
Strength: Can dish out mad heals
Weakness: Will probably feed the enemy ADC

Gamertag: Shauna
Currently Playing: League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics
Strength: Can last hit like a pro and is reliable in a team fight
Weakness: That's actually all he can do.

Gamertag: BlackDogShadow
Currently Playing: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Borderlands 3
Strength: Fantastic at aiming with an AWP
Weakness: Has already been killed by the time he's lined up the headshot.